• Phosphor Bronze parts

Phosphor Bronze Parts

Phosphor Bronze Parts

The Kavya Metal has successfully marked its name in the renowned list of Phosphor Bronze Parts Manufacturer. Phosphor bronze made parts have better resistivity towards corrosion and external strength, thus, holds an upper hand than other metals.

We at The Kavya Metal values the work precision which has gained us goodwill in the metal manufacturing market. We have been serving at national as well as international levels as Phosphor Bronze Parts Exporter.

We supply only tested products that are not only dimensionally and rotationally perfect but also withstand high temperatures and weights. Phosphor Bronze Bushes are amongst the fine products we manufacture. These bushes bless your machineries with extra life. Visit here to inquiry about Phosphor Bronze Bushes.

Chemical Composition. Percentage.

Elements Grade I Grade II Grade III Grade IV
Sn 6.0-8.0 10.0 Min 6.5-8.5 9.0-11.0
P 0.30-0.50 0.5 Min 0.5 Min 0.15 Max
Pb 0.25 Max 0.25 Max 2.0-5.0 0.25 Max
Zn 0.50 Max 0.05 Max 2.0 Max 0.05 Max
Ni 0.70 Max 0.10 Max - -
Impurities 1.2 Max 0.60 Max 1.0 Max 0.25 Max
Cu Rest Rest Rest Rest