• Copper Turned Parts

Copper Turned Parts

Copper Turned Parts

The Kavya Metal with its infocus efforts has earned global recognition as Copper Turned Parts Manufacturer. Copper turned parts have multiple variants like clamps, brackets, radiators, terminals, buss bars, and many more important machinery parts. These small components are mandatory in almost every machine/engine.

The demand showcase its importance to be of top-notch quality and this is exactly what we offer. Our copper products range may not differ from other manufacturers but quality definitely does. Our range includes copper produced segments as well as other copper produced parts. For attaining precision and accuracy our products are processed under advanced technology like warm forging, copper hot manufacturing, copper cool producing, etc.

We at The Kavya Metal work as a family with an objective of delivering the best-in-class products. Our clients turn again and again giving us opportunity to serve them better than before. This reflects their satisfaction level and our product’s quality. From ready-to-use products to customized copper turned parts, we offer as much as we can to our customers. We work closely with the specifications stated for pinpoint accuracy.


Pluses of Copper turned parts:
Withstand huge external pressures, heat
Possess better life with impeccable performance.

Automotive and Transportation Equipments
Electricals, Power Transmission, Marine Engineering & Electricals.

Products are available in different shapes and sizes as per demand. For more information please send us an enquiry.