• Aluminium Turned Parts

Aluminium Turned Parts

Aluminium Turned Parts

The Kavya Metal is flourishing the metal industry by being Aluminium Turned Parts Manufacturer from 10 years. Aluminium has been an important metal in our metal manufacturing industry. Its flexible shaping nature gives it a plus point over others. It can be easily formed, machined and cast into desired shapes and sizes. Minds at The Kavya Metal rightly fuse the aluminium characteristics with our advanced technology and manufacturers the best in metal market.


High Durability



Cost effective

Light weighted

Corrosion resistant

High thermal & electrical conductivity

The distributed range of aluminium parts include Engine parts, cooking utensils, radiators, electronic device enclosures and containers, medical devices and so on.

We at The Kavya Metal works as per your requirements and specifications with a motive of fulfilling the diverse market demand. We have experts that keep up with the ongoing and upcoming manufacturing technologies. This makes us efficient enough to meet with the modern metal market and offer you something extra every time you avail our services.

We have been working as Aluminium Turned Parts Exporter as well. Our manufactured aluminium products always stand on quality standards and flawless finish. Apart from aluminium parts we have upper hand in copper parts manufacturing too. Visit here to have a look at our manufactured best quality Copper Turned Parts.