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Aluminium Terminal Block | Copper Terminal Block

Aluminium Copper Terminal

Aluminium Terminal Block

The Kavya Metal takes the pride in meeting customer’s drawing as Aluminium terminal block manufacturer. Aluminium terminal blocks have a wide usage in panel boards and electrical boards in various industries. This calls for accurate dimensional manufacturing and at Kavya Metal you get best of all. We at The Kavya Metal put our best foot forward to connect you with your Aluminium Terminal Block needs. Currently we are exporting our products in UK, USA, Canada & Europe and wish to spread out across the globe soon. We have an expertise in strengthening the manufacturing and take giant leaps.

Copper Terminal Block

Copper Terminal Block

With the aluminium we are the Copper terminal block manufacturer as well. The beauty of collaborating with The Kavya Metal lies in the final product’s accuracy. At Kavya Metal we incorporate best grade copper in manufacturing to meet the challenges of modern market.

As copper has its own advantages of high thermal conductivity, ductility, malleability, corrosion resistance, it has immense market demand in diverse fields.

We have adequate resources coupled with latest technology dedicated to quality productions. We share a bond of understanding requirements with our buyers giving them one level-up satisfaction.